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Control System Consulting

In between the control instrumentation in a manufacturing environment and a company’s business systems there is typically a real-time database call an “historian”.  These databases are constructed very differently than the ordinary databases seen in a business environment.  They are dramatically faster and store data very differently.

The historian is a key element for collecting real-time process information from the control instruments in a way that doesn’t slow down the performance of the control systems.  It provides storage of historical process data which is accessible by business systems and for analysis by operations management.

When we talk about the “alignment” of this kind of system to the business needs of a company we must understand what data is important, how frequently it needs to be collected, do we need averages or “snap shots”, what other parts of the business need this data and how frequently does it need to be provided, etc.  StrAIT Advisors has the diverse skills and real world experience inventory to help our clients make effective use of these real-time databases.  In addition, our vendor relationships can be applied for even more support for our clients.

Some major vendors of real-time historians

Aspen Technology InfoPlus.21

OSIsoft PI

Rockwell Software Factory Talk

There are several other vendors providing lower cost control systems for smaller, less complex requirements.