The Transition phase is the “Roll out the changes” phase.  The plans for implementing the changes and training all effected users are critical.  This phase will also include the external team members.  Depending on how through the previous phases were executed, this phase may be executed very quickly.

During this phase, the primary responsibility for oversight of the changes passes to the client’s internal continuous improvement team.  This team is composed of representatives of various key stakeholder groups.  Its mission is the “digestion” of the changes. All organizations assimilate change at different rates, depending on their cultures.  All change needs time to be polished through actual use.  The continuous improvement business process is responsible for the “polishing” and can only be done with prolonged observation by the client’s internal resources; the people who see the changes every day.

Success is achieved when the management representatives sign off on the Transition phase documents and “pass the torch” to the continuous improvement team.  At this point the SLR project is complete.