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Typical Tool Set


Mind mapping software is useful for any brainstorming activity.  This software will be used either in team meetings or web meetings depending on need.  A requirement for this tool is the ability to export the unstructured product of a brainstorming session to a more structured format for use in project documentation.

Team Collaboration

The requirements for this tool are to minimize the IT “footprint” of the tool in the client domain and minimize risk of compromising the security of sensitive client documents.  The current preference is to use Microsoft Groove during the course of the engagement in its peer-to-peer mode.

Document Control

The requirement for this tool is the storage and version control of project related documentation.  A portal is the appropriate choice for this.  StrAIT Advisors can provide use of our SharePoint portal or the client can opt to use their own portal.

Project Management

The bulk of project management needs will be provided by Microsoft Project.  Those needs include Gantt Charts, PERT charts, schedule control, resource control and the bulk of project reporting.

Productivity tools

It will be assumed that all team members will have a normal selection of office productivity tools, email and access to the Internet.